Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle

Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle

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Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle by Susan Smith for Quilt Mania.Susan Smith is an original and talented quilter from Down Under who excels in the art of appliqué. Her quilts exude the coziness and freshness of country cottages in the British countryside during Spring.
Every one of her 16 quilts is composed of subtle color palettes and delicate appliqué designs producing quilts that are both simple and refined.

For those who love the charm of the countryside, this book is for you!

Quilts you will create with Susan Smith quilting book:

Dress Code
Lily Pond
Tuesday’s Child Crib Quilt
Essie & Ayla
Mothers & Daughters
The Garden at Ederveen
Great Day for a Picnic
Civil War 2
Sweet Pea
A Starling Murmuration
The Ball’s Bluff Crib Quilt
Miss Marvellous
The Clamshell Quilt
The Lewis Coverlet
Little Sparrow