A Quilting Life Planner & Workbook

A Quilting Life Planner & Workbook

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A Quilting Life Planner & Workbook.  Your How-to Guide to Getting (and Staying) Organized by Sherri McConnell.
Started a project but never got back to it? Know you have the perfect specialty ruler but aren't sure where you put it? Need to buy backing for a quilt but can't remember how much? Overwhelmed by your sewing space but don't know where to begin to organize it? If you answered yes to any (or many) of these questions – help is in your hands!

Expert planner and organizer Sherri McConnell guides you step-by-step, sharing tips and resources so you can easily and efficiently organize your quilting projects, supplies and time. Gain a complete perspective of the systems and ideas Sherri finds most helpful. Keep a thorough record of your quilting projects, patterns, tools, notions and more. Track your progress. Learn how better organization can lead to more free time to sew.

Format Spiral Bound Paperback
Pages 112